Killer Whales practice for Tuesday the 21st

Good Afternoon Killer Whales Families!

Our FIRST practice yesterday was wonderful.  The beautiful sunshine reflecting on all of those smiling faces in the pool made it an extra special first day!

A couple of things:

1. The junior whales do NOT practice on Tuesdays.   However -  the more they are in the water - the quicker they will pick up the sport.  So... why not come to the pool anyway and take advantage of the sunshine!

2.  The first couple of weeks always requires some re-arranging of practice times.   Some swimmers need to move to a different practice that is more challenging.   Some swimmers need to move to a different practice that resets them with some basics and makes them more comfortable.     The coaches just want to get them in the group that is best for them.   

sooo......  some of you were unsure when you registered and put your swimmers in the junior whales group only to realize last night that they needed to be in a group that was more challenging.   This is not a crisis.   We got it.   If you can - just bring them tonight or Wednesday night to the 5:30 practice group and  talk to Coach Julia and Coach Kate and they can do a quick evaluation and help figure out the best place for that particular swimmer.   

soooo...... some of our 7 -10 year olds aren't feeling so confident in that age group.   This is not a crisis.  We got it.    If you can - bring them to the 5:30 practice today or Wednesday and talk to Coach Julia and Coach Kate and lets figure out a plan to get them more confident and comfortable in their age group.   It's a  good bit harder when you start swimming the 50's and Butterfly and Flip turns....  BUT - they will get there.  The more they swim the better it will be - smile.

sooooooo -  some of our 11 and up swimmers have incredibly busy social lives and can't quite get to the 4pm practice group.   This is not a crisis.   We got this.   It will level out when school is out in a couple of weeks.   Just do the best that you can.   They are welcome to join Conner and a couple of others and swim with the 6-7 practice or if that doesn't work I bet the coaches will give you the practice set and you can use one of the lap lanes and swim from 7-8  ( no coaches will be present but you can keep practicing)

IMPORTANT  - IF YOU MOVE practice groups -  please let Jeremy or ME know.  We have to adjust our paperwork or we will have a mess at our first meet.  PLEASE PLEASE help us with this. 

Individual Swim Lesson:    All of our coaches and some of our experienced swimmers will do individual private swim lessons on the weekends.   Sometimes just one or two individual lessons will make a swimmer more confident.    

Off the top of my head - and I'm probably missing someone - check with them at the pool for their availability and their fee.   Do keep in mind that this is totally seperate from KF Swim Team and these folks are not employed by Kildaire Farms.   This is a private transaction between you and them.   Coach Julia,  Coach Kate, Coach Wes, Coach Ben,  Claire Wilson,  Sean Murphy,  Alex Pitts and I believe several of the lifeguards as well.  You will need to talk with them about what they charge for lessons.

If you have questions or need thoughts !!  Please grab me at the pool tonight -  I'm the one with the candy basket - smile.



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