Charleston Village at Kildaire Farms Swim Meet THIS Tuesday

Good Afternoon Killer Whales Families,

It's time for our Last Meet of the Summer Season.  It's a perfect night to show your Kildaire Farms Spirt and support our swimmers.

This week we will be hosting the Charleston Village Crocodiles  swim team at Kildaire Farms. The weather looks great and this promises to be a fun and evenly matched meet so let's bring our A game and have some fun.

1. Please arrive at 4:45pm. We will begin warm ups at 4:50pm (ish) and Harmony will warm up at 5:20ish pm.

2. As a courtesy to the visiting team Our families WIll  leave the Pool parking lot open for Harmony families to park in. You may have noticed that other teams do this for us. It is a courtesy to do so and sets a good example for our swimmers and I could really use everyone's help with being good hosts. Please park in the Clubhouse lot or If there are not enough spaces there are additional spaces between the tennis courts and Two Creeks Road . Please do not park in the cul-de-sac across from the pool.

3. Ms. Nikki will have plenty of Pizza, Hotdogs & Burgers fresh from the grill and the famous Kildaire Farms Walking Taco’s so there is no need to cook and the kids will not complain - smile. We can accept cash and credit cards.

4. Mr. Dott will hold a meet officials / Timers /Stroke n turn meeting at 5:40 ish. VERY Important for you to be at the meeting if you hold one of these positions.

Lyra will hold the kids pusher & Clerk of Courts Meeting at 5:40 - if you have this position please be in front of the snack bar to meet with Lyra

5. We will condense Relays and as long as the weather is good we should finish at a decent time.  This means that you have to pay attention or you will miss the swim.

6. Christine has some Swim Team tee-shirts available for sale . The tee-shirts will be on the deck near the concession stand. We do have some tee-shirts left from last year - special offer $5.


8. ALL VOLUNTEERS MUST CHECK IN AT VOLUNTEER CHECK IN ( in front of the snack bar - AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE SO WE KNOW YOU ARE HERE. This is important as Lyra and I panic just a little until we have everything covered.

10. WE are SHORT The Following Volunter Positions: - if you need to volunteer please sign up - we can't swim without volunteers.

1 Clerk of Courts

2. Clerk of Courts wanna-learn - to shadow  and learn how to do it

3. Concessions ( 3)


5. Stroke n Turn Judge.

9. Stuff happens - if you are not going to make the meet or you are running late and won't be there by 6pm please text  Jeremy Dott @ 202-262-5317 .Please take NOTE that I am out of town on a business trip this week so if you text or email me I cannot help you.

. If we need to move a main heat swimmer or we need to fill a relay spot that takes time & it means we have to manipulate it in our computer system ( not like the old days) so the sooner you let us know the better. Finding out we are missing a main heat or a relay when the swimmers get to the clerk of courts loses points for the team so please - let jeremy  know as soon as possible.

10. Heat Sheets will be out sometime tomorrow & posted on the fence of the Kiddie pool - Pro tip - take a picture.

11.   Swimmers need to stay with their age group.   This continues to be a problem with us ridiculously and crazily  running around the pool searching for swimmers because they are NOT with their kid pusher and they are not with their coach.   

They should NOT be playing ball behind the kiddie pool.  They should NOT be playing horseshoes.  They should NOT be in the parking lot.   They should NOT be hanging out on the visitor side of the pool     

THEY SHOULD BE with their kid pusher or with the coaches cheering on their team.

Parents should also be nearby and when they are in any of the above  NOT places please use your gently parent voice and happy face to remind them that we are here to swim a swim meet - to cheer on their team and to listen to their coaches and parents and to swim their hardest and get their END OF THE YEAR PERSONAL BEST TIME EVER!!!!.

Go Killer Whales

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