Good Evening  Cary City Meet Parents -  It has come to my attention that some of you may not have received this email - I'm sorry.

Please take a few minutes and read thru the information below and take a good look at the attached .pdf file. 

1. We have big tent which is our home base ( you will see our spot to the right of the yellow clerk of course block on the attachment) There will be 1000+ swimmers on Saturday which means home base means home base. The kids love to see their friends but it they aren't at home base they will miss there swims. The meet runs fast and if they aren't with their group at the clerk tent they will miss their swim. 

2.  Many thanks to Heather Hall for the tent design and decorations and to Ms. Lyra, Eli Hall, Lia Rakusin, Connor Rhodus, Gavin Pitts & Sean Murphy ( and me)  for decorating our tent tonight.  Please note - we back up to the woods which means Shade but ... on the down side you might need some bug spray and beware due to all the rain it is pretty soggy so Do NOT forget your chairs.  e. 

3. PAY ATTENTION and allow PLENTY OF TIME TO GET TO THE MEET and  to the parking information in the .pdf. Primary parking will be at the Church across from Cary City Club - overflow will be at Cary High School. YOU MAY DROP OFF YOUR SWIMMERS in the designated area and send them to the tent and then go park. 

4. PAY ATTENTION - Tangle wood will be one way in front of Cary City Club on Saturday. LOOK AT the map - you can only access it from Walnut Street. 

5. DO NOT park at the Dairy Queen or Ollies lot or at the little shopping strip with the pizza place and sub shop - They WILL TOW your car. We watched this happen before. 

6. Kildaire Farms age 10 and Under will warm up in Lane 3 at 7:45.  You need to be in the tent no later than 7:30 AM.     You will go AS A GROUP with the Coaches . Remind the swimmers. OUR TENT is HOME BASE and we will look for you there.

7. MATT GREENAN is the Grown up in Charge for the morning events. Make sure your children check in with MATT or ME as soon as you arrive. 

8. ONE VOLUNTEER Is needed to work in the morning as a KID PUSHER . This is different than our meets - you will walk the kids from the clerk tent to the chairs or behind the blocks getting them into the right places. We can also split the shift if we can get 2 volunteers . Nikki Pitts & I have used this system before and it works great but you both have to go to the morning meeting. PLEASE SEE LYRA OR ME or MATT IF you can volunteer. 

*8.  AFTERNOON Swimmers should be in the tent no later than 12:30 -  YOU will warm up at 1pm. =  prompt..   That does not mean that you are in line at the food truck at 12:45 - yep... that has happened.

9. There will be concessions and food trucks. Bring Cash because not all of them accept credit cards 

10. There will be Cary City Meet tee-shirts - $15 - cash or venmo. The kids like these because they wear them at school and its cool in the swimming world.

11. You will need to PRINT your own Heat Sheet. They will NOT be available for Sale at the meet. •HEAT SHEETS: Are now available to download and print on the official Cary City Meet Website and the Meet Twitter account (@CaryCityMeetCSC). . These two sources will also update during the day of the meet should information need to be broadcast out. o https://caryswimclub.org/cary-city-swim-meet-20/

12. Stuff happens but please remember that the club paid for your swimmer to swim and a lot of work goes into coordinating the lanes/ the heats so if you committed to this meet please show up. 

13. Please bring your chairs , water bottles, snacks tp share - NO GLASS items - extra towels and blankets or things for the kids to sit on. Extra googles if you have them. Also if you have cards/ games or things to keep them occupied while they are waiting that is a great idea. pro tip - bring yourself a couple of cold towels that you can keep in your cooler - if it's hot you will be very happy you brought them and bring your own coffee :)

Don't forget sunscreen and bug spray

.14. Do NOT email me tomorrow -  I will NOT see it.  Please text me if you have a situation -  704-507-4411


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