Kildaire Farms Swim Team Starts Monday Night


The pool is ready and it looks awesome!  The lifeguards are trained and they look safe! The Coaches are Ready !   The swimmers are ready and they are excited!

IF You haven't registered your swimmers yet - let's do it this weekend - we need to order tee shirts on MONDAY.

And now.... for the Parents....    Grab a beverage - sit down and start reading.

When:   Swim team practice officially starts this MONDAY.  The practice group hours are on the website at www.kfswimteam.com.

*not sure if your swimmer would do better in our new jr. prep grou p ?    Bring them n Monday for Jr. Prep practice and our team will help you decide.  We Want  every swimmer to succeed.

What do I need: ?    It's summer swim team so it's easy

* any swim suit is great for practice - whatever the swimmers are comfortable in is perfect.

* for swim meets the killer whales swim in plain black suits.  All American Swim on Maynard  offers a great selection at a reasonable price and best of all they will help you fit the suit.     ( mom advice - label the suit with a sharpie - they all look alike) 

* Suits purchased at ALL American swim can have the Kildaire Farms logo put on the suit.

* googles - most swimmers like googles ( mom advice - go ahead and buy 2 pairs)  If you swimmer doesn't like them - no problem.   If you swimmer refuses to swim without them and you forgot them - no problem there are always extra's in my swim bag - just come find me.

* towel -  ( mom advice - we will have some cooler water at the beginning of the year so right now - go put a couple of extra towels in a bag in your car so you are prepared)

* water bottle - its important to hydrate our swimmers and "find the water bottle scavenger hunt"  is a favorite parent game - label with a sharpie 

* swimming cap -  if you swimmer will wear them awesome -if not - don't stress .( mom advice - capping the kids is challenging for beginners - look for an older swimmer or a parent of an older swimmer and say  "help me" ) 

* bring a magazine or a book or just those 37 podcasts you have been trying to listen to since last summer  -  do not stress - and please let the coaches coach and the lifeguards life guard- smile - hovering parents are not relaxed parents and we want every swimmer to succeed.

What should we look forward to ?    

*  Intra- squad meet -  this is a practice meet - it helps us get the swimmers in the groove for a real swim meet and it helps our parent volunteers get in the groove on what they need to do.   This is just our team and it will be total chaos and somehow it will all turnout  all right.   This is great for the little swimmers to give it a try and have fun.   We will have treats and cheers and fun stuff.

* After Hours Swim - Pizza Party and Shaving Cream Fight -  more fun than you can imagine -  great pictures - the swimmers and the parents love it - more to come.

* Swim Meets - Lots of fun and our swimmers are pretty competitive - especially on relays -  more info on these as we get closer -  There are ONLY 6 swim meets so mark your calendar and make plans for your child to swim today.

Parent Volunteers:    We ask for each of our parents to volunteer during the season.  It takes many many many hands to run a swim team.  There is a list of volunteer positions on the website at www.kfswimteam.com    If you aren't sure what is right for you just talk to Lyra, me (tammie)  Nikki Pitts,  Jeremy Dott or any of the other parents staffing the "help" table with the special umbrella and we will help you figure it out.

Kildaire Farms "merch" -  Tee-shirts  and Hoodies are available on the website.   All registered swimmers will get a tee-shirt and a swim cap.

If you would like a tee-shirt or a Hoodie for yourself or a hoodie for your swimmer you can order and pay for them on the website.


OUR SPONSORS - You will notice sponsor banners around the fence.  Please support our sponsors and when you meet them at the pool tell them THANK YOU   for helping provide the best summer ever for our swimmers.

WEATHER UPDATES     This week looks great but it is summer and we have issues with the weather.   I have rules about car washing on swim meet days but I'll get that later.    Weather is always tricky in the summer.   It may be raining on one side of the lake but not the other.  Thunder is always a challenge.   When we have weather days -  please keep an eye on your email for updates.   We may have to cancel our early practice but be able to hold our later practices or the reverse.  These days are always stressful and I promise you - we do try our best.  Please be patient. 

We try to cancel at least 30 minutes before a practice.  

Coaches - Please try to let the coaches coach.   They will be very focused this week and if you need to talk with them please try to do that between groups not during the practice.   I assure you that things will calm down a lot and sort themselves out with in the next couple of weeks.

Learn About Swim Team -  we will try to do some little orientations this week during practices.  

Questions ?  -  We will have some seasoned volunteer parents manning the swim team table during practices this week at the pool.   Please stop by - introduce yourself and ask questions .  It's the best way to learn!


aka - sean's mom


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