Kildaire Farms End of Year Awards Celebration

It's so hard to imagine that swim team season is coming to an end and I still sound like a broken record.

PLEASE go to www.kfswimteam.com  - look on the events on the right side and you will find an rsvp button.  It's pretty easy to locate  and declare whether you are going to attend the celebration or you are not going to attend.  We have a frozen treat coming and we need to give the folks a good idea of how many frozen treats we will be serving.  

This Friday July the 29th

Please arrive at the pool around 5:30  and we will gather around the gazebo area behind the kiddie pool.  Parents may want to bring some lawn chairs.  The kids usually sit on the ground on towels or blankets in the front.

We will start with awards around 5:45.

We should finish around 6:30 ish and then everyone can enjoy a quick dip in the pool.

The Frosty Frozen Treat will arrive around 7pm.   Please note the treat is for our entire swim team - swimmers - siblings- parents - grandparents.  

Dinner is on your own - it's a great night to enjoy burgers from the snack bar or order pizza

Please remember to pick up your ribbons at the pool.

If you are not able to attend we will make arrangements for you to pick up your swimmer pin sometime the next week.   Let us see how many we are going to have after everyone RSVP's and then we will figure that out. 

And.... if you are going to be able to join us on Saturday morning for the Charity swim please rsvp for that too.

See you at the pool!



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