Volunteers Needed for tomorrow's 1st Away Meet

Dear KF Families,

Greetings! If you haven't volunteered yet, now is your chance! Tomorrow's meet will have to finish before dark because the Carpenter Village pool doesn't have lights. Please consider signing up for these open spots:

1. Kid Pushers for 6&Under Boys (1) and 7-8 Girls (2) - herd the little ones, take them to the Clerk of Course so they can be ready to move to the starting block.

2. Place Judges for 2nd (1), 4th (1) and 6th (1) place: watch the main heats and report who finishes second, fourth and sixth place. 

3. Scorekeeper (1) - Keeps score based on the points earned by our swimmers

4. Head Timer (1) - acts as a back up timer.

I'll be checking in volunteers tomorrow starting 5:15 and will have a Kid Pusher meeting at 5:30 while the kids are warming up.

See you tomorrow!

- Lyra

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